How Shelby Bookkeeping LLC Safely and Securely Shares Login Access with Our Clients

We are so excited to work with you and help you truly know how your business is doing! In order to take care of your bookkeeping seamlessly without a lot of questions and requests from you we may need access to some of your business online accounts.

In order for us to access these accounts you will need to either create new user logins for Shelby Bookkeeping LLC for each account OR share your login information with Shelby Bookkeeping LLC using LastPass.

Most accounts will allow you to either create a new user account or sometimes such as with banks, they will give you the option to add a new user with “accountant access” or “read only access” which allows us to access the account information that will show us the transaction history and monthly statements.

If you are unable to do this, you may opt to share your login access with Shelby Bookkeeping LLC via LastPass.

LastPass is amazing, if you have not already been introduced to this program you will definitely find it extremely useful!

LastPass will securely store passwords for you, generate secure passwords if and when you choose, and even allow you to share passwords with someone. If you’d rather we have access to the accounts without ever seeing your actual passwords you have the option to not display your password when you share them with us. Oh, and you can even revoke the sharing access at any time for your peace of mind!

Shelby Bookkeeping LLC is uber careful when it comes to security and LastPass has been highly recommended by our IT/security professional.

Steps to Share Information

  1. Login to LastPass (you can create a new FREE account if you do not already have an account).

  2. Enter each of your accounts into LastPass… Entering login information and saving it into LastPass can be done two ways… you can quickly add the information using the browser extension or by entering manually within LastPass. 

    In order to use the browser extension, install the browser extension (see video link below for instructions) and then simply go to each website and login as normal… The LastPass browser extension will then prompt you asking if you would like LastPass to save this login information and if so choose to add it.

    OR you can manually enter each account into LastPass by entering your user name and password information for each of your online accounts.  To do this simply login and click the red circle button with the plus sign in the lower right corner and select password.  Copy the URL for the login screen for that password and paste it in the URL space.  Enter the Name of this login, for example if it is the login for your Truist Bank account type “Truist Bank.”  Enter the username and password.  If you have any verification questions when you login that we should know about please type those questions and answers in the notes section for reference. (This will save us time having to contact you for answers to questions when we need to login.) Then once all information has been entered click save.  You will do this for each account.

  3. Share the requested login information with Shelby Bookkeeping LLC.  Click the Sharing Center on the left menu.  After clicking into the Sharing Center, you’ll see a red plus sign circle at the bottom right for adding accounts. During this process you choose which accounts you want to share. You will be prompted to enter the recipient email address, please type here and click “Allow Recipient to View Password,” then click the “Share” button once you have selected all logins you need to share. (There is a link below with a very short video that walks you through this process.)

Video Introduction to LastPass

Here are a few very short videos to show you how to use LastPass…

LastPass 101 –

Installing LastPass Browser Extension –

Browser Extension –…

Adding and Saving Website and Login Information –

Generate a Password Using LastPass –

Sharing Center –

Account Login Access Sharing via LastPass

Not sure which accounts we may need access to? Below is a list of the type of accounts that would be helpful for you to add and share with Shelby Bookkeeping LLC (  Also, please share any other accounts that might be useful that may be specific to your business.

  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Card Accounts
  • Loan Accounts
  • Payment Processors (Square, PayPal, Stripe, Etc.)
  • Other Business Specific Software Utilized by Your Business

Anytime you add a new account or change a password remember to log back in and update the information being shared via LastPass. A change to login information will need to be re-shared if updated.