Shelby Bookkeeping LLC’s Receipt Management System

The receipt management system we will be using will be Hubdoc (  We have created an account for your business and you should have received an email from Hubdoc where we set up your account and added you as a user. If you have not already received this email please let us know.

Hubdoc is the program that we will use to attach your receipts and documents to your transactions within QuickBooks Online. It’s also a great check and balance in case you accidentally pay for something with cash or a personal credit/debit card… we will notice that it doesn’t match any of the transactions in your bank feed and then we can post it into your books accordingly so you’ll still have it in your records and not miss that tax deduction!

Next steps:

  1. Setup a password… You will be prompted to do this in the login access email you receive from Hubdoc.

  2. Add your Hubdoc specific email address (found in the resources tab in your Client Portal) to your email contacts. This makes forwarding emailed receipts super easy. If you’re really email savvy, you can set up automatic forwarding of emails from your vendors into Hubdoc. Please forward all receipts that come through your email to this Hubdoc email address.

    **If you have information regarding any emailed receipts that you need to inform us of please type that information in the body of the email and we will see that information within Hubdoc… This is useful when it is not clear exactly what the purchase was for (or how it was used within the business).

  3. Download the app. It’s really easy to use as well. You can just take a photo of the receipt and upload it easily to your Hubdoc account. (This is great for times you get paper receipts or make deposits (checks and/or cash) at your bank!)

  4. Upload receipts and documents via the app or the website on a regular basis.  Receipts should be uploaded on a daily or at the latest on a weekly basis as they are occur.  (Receipts uploaded late take much more time to attach to the QuickBooks online transactions and if that happens regularly it may result in an increase of your monthly fee.)

Uploading pdfs and scanned documents from your computer can be done via the website. You can easily upload documents from your computer online when signed into the Hubdoc account by clicking the “Upload Document” button at the top of the webpage.

Tips for uploading the best images and receipts…

  • Only take a photo of one receipt at a time.

  • Make sure the store name, date, all items purchased, the total amount, and the payment method are all visible.

  • Make sure the image taken is clear, if not click “Retake,” and then retake the image.

  • For the best image, make sure to hold your phone parallel to the receipt.

  • If it is not crystal clear what the purchase was for please handwrite on the receipt what the purchase was for. (If emailing the receipt to Hubdoc, enter this information in the body of the email.)

  • If the receipt is for a meal, please write the reason for the meal and who the meal was with for IRS/tax purposes. (If emailing the receipt to Hubdoc, enter this information in the body of the email.)

Here is a quick 4 minute video that will walk you through everything! We highly recommend watching it so you can see how truly easy and extremely helpful your Hubdoc account is for both of us!

If you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact us!

Please make sure to constantly upload receipts and deposit slips as you receive them via Hubdoc so that we can constantly keep your bookkeeping records up to date and fully audit ready.

Have a great day and happy uploading!  🙂